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10 Birthday Presents Pisces will love

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There is only one reason you are here reading this post. You know a Pisces whose birthday is coming up and you are left clueless about what to buy for them. The first thing we need to know before deciding on the perfect gift based on someone’s zodiac is that all people are different. They have different tastes and preferences in life. Few people may not conform to their zodiac but the best part is 80% of the people do. They do confirm with most of the personality traits of their zodiac sign. Take me, for example, I’m a Virgo and I relate to most of the core traits of a Virgo, be it perfectionism, planning, being organized and, being quite the critic at times.

So the first thing we are going to do is understand the core character traits of a Pisces and then I’ll share some of my ideas on gifts that I think would appeal to that personality trait. Irrespective of gender, Pisces are very sensitive beings. They share a special bond with their close group of friends and family. They have this immense desire to belong, to a group or cause.  They like being the center of attention in their group. They tend to be loyal and supportive friends and partners. With this in mind, I think you should be able to identify a suitable birthday gift. Listed below are my suggestions.

1)Board Games Sets

Pisces love being part of a group so what better way than give them a fun new board game set that leads way to entertaining group time. From Monopoly or Scrabble to Pictionary or Sequence there are several adult board game options available in the market. Sequence is one new board game I discovered while at a Cafe recently in Bangalore. I had a gala time playing the game with my friends and family. If your Pisces person is into intellectual games then they’ll love this one. Catan is also a game I have been eyeing for a while. Will keep you guys updated once I actually get a chance to play it.

2)Luxury Watch

Pisces love attention so any gift that’s going to help them get it, they will be impressed. So go ahead and spoil them with a classic yet sought after timepiece from some premium brand 😀 (well if you have the budget for it, that is).


3) Daily Journal

A daily journal that helps Pieces sort through their thoughts and emotions and helps find balance is always a great idea. My recommendation would be to go for a classic leather embossed journal which is 100% handcrafted from the paper to its binding.

4) Pisces Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Zodiac embossed merchandise is all the rage these days. People love to identify themselves with their zodiacs. This is especially true for our Pisces friends because they live to belong. So find that Artisan crafted Ceramic Pisces Coffee Mug that’s more of a keepsake rather than a mug to actually drink coffee from.

pisces mug

5) Travel Bag-pack

Pisces love to travel. They are simple and kind travelers. They prefer to be surrounded by the romanticism of nature and this could lead to an interest in long hikes and treks. Hence a handy Travel backpack is sure to be a very useful gift.

6) Photo Personalised Love Album

A handcrafted album personalized with pictures and special memories makes the perfect gift for your Pisces Guy/Girl. Pisces are sentimental and emotional beings and a gift that’s well thought through and meaningful is sure to resonate better with them.

7) Rotating Photo Lamp

If you are looking for a personalized yet useful gift for your Pisces then look no more. The photo personalized rotating lamp from The Kitsch Box is your perfect choice.

8) Light Box

The LED Light Box is the perfect gift to light up the receiver’s face. The box comes with a bunch of alphabets and special symbols using which you can set custom messages/ quotes/ birthday wishes on the box. It doubles as a unique piece of decor as it’s ideal to sit on a desk or side chest/cabinet.

9) Name Personalised Wooden Hanger

If you ask me, Personalized gifts are the best kind of gifts. Well, I may be biased 😛 But just sit back and think for yourself. And you’ll soon realize that I’m right 😛 Well, I’m a Virgo and it’s my core desire to always be right. Enough about me. But statistics say that gift receivers love personalized gifts more than random gifts. So I urge you to trust the stats over me that way you can’t go wrong with your gifting choices. My personalized gifting recommendation for Pisces would be a hand-personalized wooden hanger that’s unique, useful, and drool-worthy!

10) Pisces Cuff Links

I know that this option is only suitable for men but I just had to add it. I absolutely love cuff links that have the zodiacs embossed on them. They are available in silver and 18K gold plated options. So you can choose the option that falls within your budget. Alternatively, you could ask your Jeweller to custom design a cuff-link for you as well.

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