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10 Valentines Gifts Under 1000 INR

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Valentines is almost here and we just wanted to compile a list of 10 unique and super affordable V-Day gifts for all you Aashiquis’ out there.

1. The Couple Bagcharm/Keyring

Price : 499/- INR

A unique vintage looking keyring that doubles as a bag charm. Designed around the love theme specially for couples, this bag charm can be hand personalised with your name or initials.

2. Valentine Quiz Cards

Price : 650/- INR

A bunch of 6 quirky valentine quiz cards to add that extra fun factor to your Valentines Celebration. How fun is it to scratch off the golden heart to reveal the answers to the quiz.

3. Personalised Mens Wallet

Price : 850/- INR

100% handcrafted wallets made from vegan leatherette. Available in 7 exciting colours these wallets are surely the eye catcher. Special USP is that you can personalise it with a name and charm of choice.

4. Love Pie Greeting

Price : 155/- INR

A fun, quirky, new age greeting card designed to swoon.

5. Soul Mates Snail Mail

Price : 750/- INR

A gorgeous handmade snail mail card personalised with photographs of your loved one. Watch your soul mate melt while flipping through this card.

6. J’adore Couple Ring

Price : 400/- INR

A classic silver metallic love band with the French words “J’adore” engraved on its inner side.

7. 50 Reasons why I love you

Price : 750/- INR

A handcrafted wooden box that comprises of 50 heart warming reasons why you love him/her. Each reason is hand scrolled into pretty old-fashioned chits.

8. Love Postcards

Price : 550/- INR

Love Postcards (designed around real postcards) is a bunch of 7 cards and encompassing envelopes each carrying its own simple yet loveable love message. Perfect for slipping in cute love messages at different times on Valentines day.

9. Love Birds Bookmark

Price : 300/- INR

Metallic vintage bookmark for all you love birds out there.

10. A Book of Love Coupons

Price : 550/- INR

A bunch of 10 exciting love coupons for your partner to redeem from you. The coupons come in a cascading envelope strip that folds into a cute postcard sized book.

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