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5 Interesting Gifts for Women’s Day

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Most often than not we are left wondering what gift to buy for those special women in our lives, specially when gifting seasons like Women's Day are around the corner. The women in our lives have mastered the art of donning several hats and being spectacular at them all. The love, encouragement, support and motivation we receive from them is priceless. This is a list of 5 interesting gifts for such dynamic women in our lives.

1) How to Be a Bawse : A Guide to Conquering Life

If you believe that your woman is a BAWSE then this book by Lily Singh is the perfect gift for her. Lily Singh (aka SuperWoman) is a multi-talented BOSS Babe. She is a renowned You tuber, Comedian, Actress, Television Host and Author. How to Be a Bawse is a book that will help revive the Inner Goddess of any woman reading it. Its a fairly simple and easy read so even non-readers can quickly read this book. The book offers a lot of tips but its more suited for younger women, Gen Z to be more precise. But if your woman is all about Confidence & authenticity, then its highly likely that she'll love this book. I recommend grabbing a Hard Cover copy rather than the kindle version because every chapter begins with a beautiful illustration which loses its impact in the kindle version.

2) Stacked Fine Bracelets

Jewellery Stacking is all the rage today. Fashion savvy women love stacking up their jewellery be it necklaces, bracelets, finger rings, earrings or anklets. So thats whats in trend right now. A gift set consisting of stackable fine jewellery can never go wrong. There are lots of options to choose from, thousands of designs catering to a wide choice palette. There are jewellery made from precious metals like silver or gold. So if you have the budget for them just go for it. Or there are more cost effective options in the Imitation jewellery market. These offerings are usually made from metal alloys, beads and pearls. The jewellery comes in 3 common platings namely gold, rose gold and silver. The idea is to choose the plating finish based on what you feel will look most flattering on the person you are buying this for. Or if you have observed their jewellery choices before like if they wear more silver than gold you can choose accordingly. I am linking below a super affordable stacked bracelet option for you to check out and get an idea of what they really look like.


The perfect gift if your woman loves to travel. The FOR HER Combo includes three personalised travel essentials namely a multipurpose pouch, luggage tag and travel wallet. The multipurpose pouch serves well as a makeup pouch, travel pouch, toiletry pouch etc. The travel wallet has been designed with utility in mind. It has a designated compartment for all your travel documents. The travel wallet houses special compartments for your passports, travel documents, credit cards, cash and coins respectively. All inclusions can be customised as per your choice of colour, charm and personalisation name. The Kitsch Box offers over 100 charms to choose from and over 20+ exciting colours. All products are made from vegan leather and are 100% cruelty free. The products are handmade to perfection.

The custom name personalisation adds that extra oomph to your gift. The Combo comes in a fun Gift box. You can checkout the other available colours and pictures of our previous finished products on our website or on our Instagram. Please know that this is a made to order Combo.

4) Sheet Masks

Its all out Sheet Masking these days for all your Skin care needs. The 21st Century woman sure loves her sheet mast. Even if she isn't much into beauty or skincare she will still love it. I mean who doesn't love to sit back and relax and pamper themselves here and there. The only trick is to buy the sheet mask from a reputed brand like Dr.Jart's that has great customer satisfaction and shows the results they advertise. The last thing you want is to end up with a pimple coz of the low quality sheet mask used. So just pick you mask wisely and help your woman get sheet masking.

5) Luxurious Scented Candles

Women love scented candles and I can say this with utmost confidence because I am a Woman too. But the trick is in finding the fragrance of choice. Many women love the scents of Rose or Jasmine while others hate them because they find that too strong. If your woman likes reading you can be sure she loved the scent of a brand new book. So if you know their favourite scent then you can easily go ahead and order them. But.. yes theres a but.. incase you are not too sure about their preference in scents I have a suggestion for you. You can go for a gift hamper of scented candles with multiple scents (of about 3-5 flavours). And make sure not to choose a scented candle bundle which has all scents under the same note like all floral scents lets say a bundle comprising of rose, jasmine, lily and freesia. So the downside of this is if the person hates floral fragrances they will hate all of them. So ensure to pick a mixed bundle.

My personal favourite is the 3 ounce scented jar candle bundle from Popular candles. The cutest thing about these candles is their packaging. The candles come in re-usable glass jars which are oh-so-cute. Their pricing is absolutely value for money as well. The best part is the fragrance choice offered in one 4 pack bundle. The scents offered are Oudh (has woody, balsamic and sweet notes), Rose, Ocean (don't we all love the smell of oceans) and Linen (this is the fresh, earthy, linen scent that most of us love). So 3/4 scents in the bundle are most peoples favourites so theres 90% chance you cant go wrong with this. These candles are Phthalate and Paraben free. Another thing to know while choosing scented candles is to ensure they don't smoke when they burn because that totally upsets both the ambiance and the mood. The candles I buy from Popular candles don't smoke. I've just linked them below so that its easy for you to check it out.


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