The Kitsch Box is a home run, e-commerce business that specialises in making sophisticated, classy, customised, handmade and out-of-the-box gifts.

Like most e-commerce ventures there is no huge team managing The Kitsch Box. Being an avid Reader and Crafter, The Kitsch Box is my passion. I endeavour to ensure that each and every product brought to the table is tailor-made, giving the gift a more personalised touch. I basically LOVEEE gifting! 😀 and making gifts of course. My devotion lies in creating handmade gifts and i strongly believe that when the gift is handmade it will make not only the gift, but also the receiver feel more special and loved!

The goal is to deliver gifts with a personalised touch which one can never obtain from any gift shop on the road or any other place for that matter. Pour in your specifications and watch the magic happen.Your gifts will be more distinctive and individualistic than the ones anyone has ever received.

Aren’t you bored to gift the same things over and over again? Photo frames, clocks, pen holders and ceramic toys. Don’t you think that your loved ones deserve more than this?

Skip the cliché! The Kitsch Box is here to the rescue!

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