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Birthday gifts for your soulmate

When you share a piece of your soul with your partner, it is always eternal. Likewise, when you plan to gift something to your soulmate, it should reflect the essence of eternalism. What is a better day than a birthday to shower them with lots of love and gifts?

We at The Kitsch Box have curated gifts that could be your saving grace when you are on the hunt for the gift that has the same rhythm as your heartbeats.

1) The Joy of Gifting with Jadore Rings

Gifting a piece of jewellery comes with a bag of emotions, pride and excitement. Such exquisite gifts are always presented to the most valuable and special person in your life. Gifting a ring also symbolises monumental occasions like engagement, weddings and proposals, cementing the foothold of your relationship. Moreover, gifting a ring communicates your love without an overbearing. The couple ring from The Kitsch Box has Jadore entrenched on the metal’s inner side, which translates to” I love” in french. Just the fact that this is not the everyday kind of gift makes it unique and timeless.

2) Cuddle with Cushions

When your partner had a long and tiring day at his work, and now he wants to be cuddled in your arms, but your absence makes them more depressed, worry not. Gift them a soft cushion that can substitute your presence. I know many personalised cushions are available out there; why should you waste your time at the Kitsch Box? Hold on because we at Kitsch always have something special for you, so this is a glow in the dark cushion which also underlies the statement that when darkness engulfs your partner’s life, you will always be there to brighten up their life and mood.

3) Will you Be Mine forever?

You don’t need to always reciprocate your feelings via text message or over phone calls to your soulmate. Sometimes gifts speak a thousand words, and a handmade hamper with curated gifts shouts your unvoiced emotions. I am sure ‘Be Mine Forever’ is a perfect birthday gift for your soulmate, and they will boggle at the assorted goodies and would ask, “Will you be Mine Forever?”.

4) Ink their thoughts

Is your partner a poet, or does now and then they write something special for you? Now is the time to present them a personalised diary which will have everything written about you by them. All their thoughts, dreams and your life together will be woven into the fabric of this monotone diary which you can read later on in your life, so another one that ticks the box of eternalism.

5) Knock Knock, who’s there? Postcards here

Love letters in the internet era are something unheard of, but when you sit down to write something for your soulmate, you are slumped. Love postcards from The Kitsch Box will save your day. These love postcards have tiny notes for your partner which will enhance your gifting sense, and your thoughts are also expressed without you moving a pen.

A perfect partner is a myth; you need to accept your partner’s flaws to make your relationship work. Similarly, the idea of an ideal gift doesn’t exist, but your thoughts and sentiments behind every gift will make it unique and valuable. We at Kitsch Box always attempt to make every gift unique and simple without complicating your life and thoughts because sometimes simplicity works the best.

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8 Birthday Gifts for Your Gemini Woman

Choosing a gift for your woman can be an overwhelming task considering the gift options available for women. However, history has witnessed that women will love a gift that really suits their personality and nature. “Well spoken, read & aware, airy Gemini gifts the world with their gracious charm and eloquence.” Representing the duality of life, a Gemini woman is brilliant, bold, wild & controlled all at the same time. They can switch from one thought or plan to another in a second because of their zodiac sign signifying duality. A Gemini woman tends to have many friends because of their light, humorous and flirtatious traits, along with being excellent mediators in situations of controversy.

Here are some gift ideas if you are planning to gift something special for your Gemini woman.

1) Gemini Woman Handbag with Cross Body Strap

Gemini woman love to be pampered and a cross body handbag would be a cute gift for her. The belt strap can be detached and used as a fancy pack too if need be. The simple style will match any outfit and yet maintain its elegance.

2) Turtleneck Pullover Sweatshirt

Gemini woman being sociable and enthusiastic about living life to the fullest, they will never cease an opportunity to flaunt a sweatshirt that is stylish and cute at the same time.

3) Heart Pendant Necklace

Gifting your Gemini woman, a pendant necklace is subtle enough for them to show pride without overdoing it. The Montana Blue Heart Crystal Bracelet can be a great gift for Gemini woman as this adds a personal touch to your relationship. It is not only a classic symbol of love but also adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

4) Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

An instant camera can be the perfect birthday gift for a Gemini woman as keeping and making new memories is one of the most important traits for her. The instant camera captures perfect selfie photos and prints a retro look instantly. This can be the perfect accessory for all DIY gifts while she carries it around with her all the time capturing all moments with you – be it festivals, vacations, or even fun days out.

5) Gemini Zodiac Coffee Mug

Is your Gemini woman fond of coffee? Does she have a tendency to collect coffee mugs? Well, even if she doesn’t, she will love and adore a coffee mug that showcases the duality of her nature which means it is not easy to understand a Gemini woman.

6) Pocket Notebook

When a Gemini woman is in love, she likes to cuddle, talk sweet, and jot down her feelings and emotions in a journal that is accessible only to her. She may be showing her feelings in a superficial way but she loves to write down her thoughts and emotions. The pocket notebook would come in handy as she can keep it with her all the time. Being completely hand-finished, this classic beauty makes the perfect gift for her.

7) What If – By Randall Munroe

Gemini women are very communicative and love to expand their logical side. Expanding their horizon of thoughts let them become excellent negotiators and peacekeepers in complicated situations. This book allows them to find scientific answers to important questions she had probably never thought of before.

8) Amazon Gift Card

If in case you are still unsure of what to gift your Gemini woman, getting her the Amazon gift card is the best thing you can do. This lets her explore her creative side and decide for herself whether she fancies some new electronic gadget or if she wants to prioritize a fancy dress she has been planning to buy for some time.

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Best Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Though you have spent a copious amount of time with your partner, sometimes, you may seem at a loss; when? Probably finding an anniversary gift for him. The occasion comes once a year, so it is inevitable to get stuck in a rut.
Moreover, finding a great present is easy, but the feelings associated with it come with high stakes.

Here at The Kitsch Box, we have handcrafted each gift keeping in mind the sentiments behind the gift for your man. We have rounded up a whole bunch of presents that are sure to ruffle the feathers of the romance in your man and will hit the right roads to make the journey of your love more enjoyable.

1. Wooden Love Album

This gift is the best way to celebrate your courtship. Either you are a newy dewy couple or your relationship has spanned a decade, gather your photos that mark the significant moments of your lives.
The idea behind gifting this wooden love album is to cement your relationship by constantly building on memories while remembering the foundation.

2. Fifty reasons why I love you box

I am sure there are infinite reasons why you love your partner, but to express your love; you are awaiting the right opportunity. Here it is with our artisanal gift of” 50 reasons why I love you” box.

As your partner entwines each scroll, he may fall in love with you all over that sums up to around 50 times. I can already see you blushing there! So, what are you waiting for? Order the “50 reasons why I love you” box and spread the season of love through each scroll.

3. The Ultimate Man Combo

If your man is a stickler for being lazy and highly unorganised. A perfect gift awaits here for your husband. The ultimate combo of a diary, a passport cover, wallet and a keyring from The Kitsch Box will unwind his indolence.

He will appreciate the rugged aesthetic and functionality of the gift. This sleek combo is handmade made from exquisite leather oozing out the sophistication from its very being.

4. Soulmates snail mail card

Let’s put an end to the usual gifting session and pour your love into customisation. A handmade card shows your effort and time behind scouring a perfect gift. The Kitsch Box brings you a soulmate snail mail card with its quirkiness and colourful pattern that will surely win the heart of your soulmate. Bring up some photos and tada; you are done with a perfect token of sentimental treasures.

5. H-app-y surprise

If your husband is tech-savvy and jumps at every innovation, I’m sure you can surprise him by giving him The Kitsch Special gift called a “happy surprise”.

The happy surprise is an app that will be customised as per your needs. You can easily download the app into your husband’s phone. The app has three levels to unlock the surprise waiting at the other end. It sounds like he has to cross a thousand oceans of death to be with you. Interesting, isn’t it? I know you want to give The Kitsch Box a virtual hug but first, order the app because it takes 48 hours to deliver to your mailbox.

Your search for an absolute customised gift for your anniversary ends here because I am sure the above-mentioned anniversary gifts will let your husband fall head over heels for you.

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5 Birthday Presents For Your Aries Man

Choosing a birthday gift for men seems to be an overwhelming and arduous task. Although you fall on the “the thought counts more than the gift” side of the equation, there is still a little bit of stress, especially when it is for your better half, because you want it to have a personalized touch or a gift that will be cherished for life.

However, you can rely on his stars- besides deciphering personality traits and matching horoscopes for weddings, astrological signs have more to offer.
Aries man evokes robust, independent, and masculine traits. He is the first sign of the zodiac, so he believes in leading others and is well known for his courageous and confident nature. A gift influenced by the stars will be a pleasure for you and a treat for him.

We have a bundle of thoughtful aries -onable birthday gifts for your significant other:

1) A Travel Backpack

The daredevil rams are always on the go and are bubbling with energy. These adventurous and fearless men wish to be in the thick of things. Though it is impossible to kill their savage vibe, it is possible to gift a backpack, an attractive alternative to large tote bags or duffle bags.

A travel backpack can be carried for several hours and give your man a space to pocket his travel belongings. Also, a travel backpack is made of weatherproof materials that helps in surviving the harsh environments during travels.

Thus, a backpack is an ideal aries gift that caters to your man’s need when he is out on the adrenaline rush-adventurous park or a hair-rising- hiking.

2) Barbeque Grill Set

How to surprise an Aries man? Shower your soothing love to the fiercest and hot-tempered Aries sign in the zodiac.

Thus, keeping in tandem with his symbolism, a gift revolving around a fire will swoon him. A coveted barbeque grill set is a perfect choice for his next party in his backyard.

3) Sporty Swag

Love for outdoor activities or sports comes naturally to Aries; after all, they are Ram! If you don’t know their favourite sport, do not worry because these passionate peeves lust on anything that has a sporty swag.

Bestowing a gift like a Van Heusen Athleisure T-shirt will likely appeal to his agile mind. He can wear this comfy t-shirt to workout, or he can lounge around in this T-shirt. Counting on sportswear, this T-shirt swears on its sweat-wicking and style factor.

4) Gaming Console

If you think getting a video game would call for a childish gift. Hold on to your thoughts because a video game or a gaming console is no longer reserved for kids and teens.

You can arrange an indoor date and join him at this gaming session. Beware, these hard-charging Aries can be competitive sometimes!

An eccentric gaming console will let him unfurl his youthful freak flag. Get set and be ready to harbor in his nostalgic desire to be a teen again.

5) Luxe Leatherette Travel Organiser

Do you want your man to be messy? No. Then your Aries man will take delight in a gift that exudes his skills and competencies with a proclivity for standing out and being confident.

This classy, soft, and genuine piece of organizer is impeccable and elegant in all its pervasiveness. Make this humble organizer a special one by inscribing his name or a charm of choice, and you have already brightened up his travel.

But truthfully, Aries man does want to be messy with you… If you know what I mean!

And that wraps up our list of some of the best birthday gift ideas for your Aries man. With oodles of love and the above-mentioned gifts suggestions, you are sure to bowl your man over.

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10 Birthday Presents Pisces will love

There is only one reason you are here reading this post. You know a Pisces whose birthday is coming up and you are left clueless about what to buy for them. The first thing we need to know before deciding on the perfect gift based on someone’s zodiac is that all people are different. They have different tastes and preferences in life. Few people may not conform to their zodiac but the best part is 80% of the people do. They do confirm with most of the personality traits of their zodiac sign. Take me, for example, I’m a Virgo and I relate to most of the core traits of a Virgo, be it perfectionism, planning, being organized and, being quite the critic at times.

So the first thing we are going to do is understand the core character traits of a Pisces and then I’ll share some of my ideas on gifts that I think would appeal to that personality trait. Irrespective of gender, Pisces are very sensitive beings. They share a special bond with their close group of friends and family. They have this immense desire to belong, to a group or cause.  They like being the center of attention in their group. They tend to be loyal and supportive friends and partners. With this in mind, I think you should be able to identify a suitable birthday gift. Listed below are my suggestions.

1)Board Games Sets

Pisces love being part of a group so what better way than give them a fun new board game set that leads way to entertaining group time. From Monopoly or Scrabble to Pictionary or Sequence there are several adult board game options available in the market. Sequence is one new board game I discovered while at a Cafe recently in Bangalore. I had a gala time playing the game with my friends and family. If your Pisces person is into intellectual games then they’ll love this one. Catan is also a game I have been eyeing for a while. Will keep you guys updated once I actually get a chance to play it.

2)Luxury Watch

Pisces love attention so any gift that’s going to help them get it, they will be impressed. So go ahead and spoil them with a classic yet sought after timepiece from some premium brand 😀 (well if you have the budget for it, that is).


3) Daily Journal

A daily journal that helps Pieces sort through their thoughts and emotions and helps find balance is always a great idea. My recommendation would be to go for a classic leather embossed journal which is 100% handcrafted from the paper to its binding.

4) Pisces Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Zodiac embossed merchandise is all the rage these days. People love to identify themselves with their zodiacs. This is especially true for our Pisces friends because they live to belong. So find that Artisan crafted Ceramic Pisces Coffee Mug that’s more of a keepsake rather than a mug to actually drink coffee from.

pisces mug

5) Travel Bag-pack

Pisces love to travel. They are simple and kind travelers. They prefer to be surrounded by the romanticism of nature and this could lead to an interest in long hikes and treks. Hence a handy Travel backpack is sure to be a very useful gift.

6) Photo Personalised Love Album

A handcrafted album personalized with pictures and special memories makes the perfect gift for your Pisces Guy/Girl. Pisces are sentimental and emotional beings and a gift that’s well thought through and meaningful is sure to resonate better with them.

7) Rotating Photo Lamp

If you are looking for a personalized yet useful gift for your Pisces then look no more. The photo personalized rotating lamp from The Kitsch Box is your perfect choice.

8) Light Box

The LED Light Box is the perfect gift to light up the receiver’s face. The box comes with a bunch of alphabets and special symbols using which you can set custom messages/ quotes/ birthday wishes on the box. It doubles as a unique piece of decor as it’s ideal to sit on a desk or side chest/cabinet.

9) Name Personalised Wooden Hanger

If you ask me, Personalized gifts are the best kind of gifts. Well, I may be biased 😛 But just sit back and think for yourself. And you’ll soon realize that I’m right 😛 Well, I’m a Virgo and it’s my core desire to always be right. Enough about me. But statistics say that gift receivers love personalized gifts more than random gifts. So I urge you to trust the stats over me that way you can’t go wrong with your gifting choices. My personalized gifting recommendation for Pisces would be a hand-personalized wooden hanger that’s unique, useful, and drool-worthy!

10) Pisces Cuff Links

I know that this option is only suitable for men but I just had to add it. I absolutely love cuff links that have the zodiacs embossed on them. They are available in silver and 18K gold plated options. So you can choose the option that falls within your budget. Alternatively, you could ask your Jeweller to custom design a cuff-link for you as well.

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5 Interesting Gifts for Women’s Day

Most often than not we are left wondering what gift to buy for those special women in our lives, specially when gifting seasons like Women's Day are around the corner. The women in our lives have mastered the art of donning several hats and being spectacular at them all. The love, encouragement, support and motivation we receive from them is priceless. This is a list of 5 interesting gifts for such dynamic women in our lives.

1) How to Be a Bawse : A Guide to Conquering Life

If you believe that your woman is a BAWSE then this book by Lily Singh is the perfect gift for her. Lily Singh (aka SuperWoman) is a multi-talented BOSS Babe. She is a renowned You tuber, Comedian, Actress, Television Host and Author. How to Be a Bawse is a book that will help revive the Inner Goddess of any woman reading it. Its a fairly simple and easy read so even non-readers can quickly read this book. The book offers a lot of tips but its more suited for younger women, Gen Z to be more precise. But if your woman is all about Confidence & authenticity, then its highly likely that she'll love this book. I recommend grabbing a Hard Cover copy rather than the kindle version because every chapter begins with a beautiful illustration which loses its impact in the kindle version.

2) Stacked Fine Bracelets

Jewellery Stacking is all the rage today. Fashion savvy women love stacking up their jewellery be it necklaces, bracelets, finger rings, earrings or anklets. So thats whats in trend right now. A gift set consisting of stackable fine jewellery can never go wrong. There are lots of options to choose from, thousands of designs catering to a wide choice palette. There are jewellery made from precious metals like silver or gold. So if you have the budget for them just go for it. Or there are more cost effective options in the Imitation jewellery market. These offerings are usually made from metal alloys, beads and pearls. The jewellery comes in 3 common platings namely gold, rose gold and silver. The idea is to choose the plating finish based on what you feel will look most flattering on the person you are buying this for. Or if you have observed their jewellery choices before like if they wear more silver than gold you can choose accordingly. I am linking below a super affordable stacked bracelet option for you to check out and get an idea of what they really look like.


The perfect gift if your woman loves to travel. The FOR HER Combo includes three personalised travel essentials namely a multipurpose pouch, luggage tag and travel wallet. The multipurpose pouch serves well as a makeup pouch, travel pouch, toiletry pouch etc. The travel wallet has been designed with utility in mind. It has a designated compartment for all your travel documents. The travel wallet houses special compartments for your passports, travel documents, credit cards, cash and coins respectively. All inclusions can be customised as per your choice of colour, charm and personalisation name. The Kitsch Box offers over 100 charms to choose from and over 20+ exciting colours. All products are made from vegan leather and are 100% cruelty free. The products are handmade to perfection.

The custom name personalisation adds that extra oomph to your gift. The Combo comes in a fun Gift box. You can checkout the other available colours and pictures of our previous finished products on our website or on our Instagram. Please know that this is a made to order Combo.

4) Sheet Masks

Its all out Sheet Masking these days for all your Skin care needs. The 21st Century woman sure loves her sheet mast. Even if she isn't much into beauty or skincare she will still love it. I mean who doesn't love to sit back and relax and pamper themselves here and there. The only trick is to buy the sheet mask from a reputed brand like Dr.Jart's that has great customer satisfaction and shows the results they advertise. The last thing you want is to end up with a pimple coz of the low quality sheet mask used. So just pick you mask wisely and help your woman get sheet masking.

5) Luxurious Scented Candles

Women love scented candles and I can say this with utmost confidence because I am a Woman too. But the trick is in finding the fragrance of choice. Many women love the scents of Rose or Jasmine while others hate them because they find that too strong. If your woman likes reading you can be sure she loved the scent of a brand new book. So if you know their favourite scent then you can easily go ahead and order them. But.. yes theres a but.. incase you are not too sure about their preference in scents I have a suggestion for you. You can go for a gift hamper of scented candles with multiple scents (of about 3-5 flavours). And make sure not to choose a scented candle bundle which has all scents under the same note like all floral scents lets say a bundle comprising of rose, jasmine, lily and freesia. So the downside of this is if the person hates floral fragrances they will hate all of them. So ensure to pick a mixed bundle.

My personal favourite is the 3 ounce scented jar candle bundle from Popular candles. The cutest thing about these candles is their packaging. The candles come in re-usable glass jars which are oh-so-cute. Their pricing is absolutely value for money as well. The best part is the fragrance choice offered in one 4 pack bundle. The scents offered are Oudh (has woody, balsamic and sweet notes), Rose, Ocean (don't we all love the smell of oceans) and Linen (this is the fresh, earthy, linen scent that most of us love). So 3/4 scents in the bundle are most peoples favourites so theres 90% chance you cant go wrong with this. These candles are Phthalate and Paraben free. Another thing to know while choosing scented candles is to ensure they don't smoke when they burn because that totally upsets both the ambiance and the mood. The candles I buy from Popular candles don't smoke. I've just linked them below so that its easy for you to check it out.


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15 Valentines Gifts Under 500/- INR

A compilation of heart touching and affordable gifts for this Valentines Season for all you Lovers on a super strict budget.

1. Message Crate

Price : 460/- INR

Great things come in small packages and this perfectly suits our product The Kitsch Message Crate. Serve your loved ones with your honest and heartfelt messages in magical looking bottles stacked neatly in a wooden crate. Prepared with so much love and attention, this box is one of our hotel’s (the kitsch box’s) special. Serve hot!

3. Love Bagcharm Keyring

Price : 450/- INR

Unique and Antique looking LOVE themed bagcharm that doubles as a keyring. Add that much needed wow factor to your everyday totes and slings. Initial Customisation available on request.

4. Message Bottle Bookmark

Price : 220/- INR

A vintage bookmark with the cutest message bottle and heart charm. The message bottle is made of glass and comes with a cork stopper. Add your love notes along with our golden bead confetti.

5. Personalised Travel Lover Keyring

Price : 499/- INR

The perfect gift for your valentine who just loves to travel and explore. Perfect for all adventure seekers out there. Can be personalised with name or couple initials.

6. Personalised Luggage Tag

Price : 450/- INR

A must have travel essential, our Personalised Luggage Tags are available in a vibrant colours that will compliment your travel fashion statement. The tags are handcrafted and personalised with care. Available in 10+ colours.

7.Romantic Getaway Charm Bracelet

Price : 350/- INR

This handmade bracelet attempts to visualise that perfect Romantic Getaway be it a proposal in a hot-air balloon or the ultimate Paris experience. The charms included being the Eiffel Tower, a hot-air balloon, a love postcard, lovelock and key.

8. Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle

Price : 450/- INR

What is the best thing in the world? There are so many little things that fill our heart with happiness. One such thing are photographs. Though we don’t always check out our photo albums which lay in the racks of our cupboard, the kitsch box brings you an opportunity to revive them. Change the way you look at your beautiful memories. The kitsch box presents picture jigsaw puzzle where in we convert your favourite picture into a fun puzzle. Gift your favourite person their favourite memory and imagine the fun, when you get together with them and solve the puzzle!

9. Love Infinity Keyring

Price : 300/- INR

This love themed keyring is almost always perfect for gifting. The charms included being a love infinity, an arrow, a cute gift box with a for you tag and a vibrant handmade silk tassel.

10. Photo Personalised Pendants

Price : 450/- INR

A truly unique piece of statement jewellery for your deserving Valentine. This handcrafted vintage photo personalised necklace is sure to steal hearts.

11. Name Personalised Keyring

Price : 350/- INR

The Kitsch Box brings you a wide variety of personalised key rings which are a unique combination of utility and design. A gift that is sure to struck a cord <3

12. Best Ever Personalised Greeting Card

Price : 200/- INR

A super cute personalised card that comes with its own craft paper envelope. Add a unique touch by mentioning your loved ones names and your relationship with them on the card unlike any other card you have seen.

13. Love Birds Bookmark

Price : 300/- INR

Handcrafted, Vintage & Affordable. This is the perfect gift this Valentines for your partner who loves to read.

14. J’adore Ring

Price : 400/- INR

Silver Unisex Love Bands with the French words “J’adore” meaning “I Love” engraved on the inner side. The ring is available as a couple ring set as well.

15. Metallic Name Bookmark

Price : 260/- INR

Call them nerd or geeks, book lovers or avid book readers just hate to step into the real world! If you have a book lover who is constantly found digging into pages of some romance or science fiction novel, then we have the perfect gift for them. These shiny metallic bookmarks are exactly what’s new in the bookmark industry 😛 Personalise them with your name or simply a favourite word.

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10 Valentines Gifts Under 1000 INR

Valentines is almost here and we just wanted to compile a list of 10 unique and super affordable V-Day gifts for all you Aashiquis’ out there.

1. The Couple Bagcharm/Keyring

Price : 499/- INR

A unique vintage looking keyring that doubles as a bag charm. Designed around the love theme specially for couples, this bag charm can be hand personalised with your name or initials.

2. Valentine Quiz Cards

Price : 650/- INR

A bunch of 6 quirky valentine quiz cards to add that extra fun factor to your Valentines Celebration. How fun is it to scratch off the golden heart to reveal the answers to the quiz.

3. Personalised Mens Wallet

Price : 850/- INR

100% handcrafted wallets made from vegan leatherette. Available in 7 exciting colours these wallets are surely the eye catcher. Special USP is that you can personalise it with a name and charm of choice.

4. Love Pie Greeting

Price : 155/- INR

A fun, quirky, new age greeting card designed to swoon.

5. Soul Mates Snail Mail

Price : 750/- INR

A gorgeous handmade snail mail card personalised with photographs of your loved one. Watch your soul mate melt while flipping through this card.

6. J’adore Couple Ring

Price : 400/- INR

A classic silver metallic love band with the French words “J’adore” engraved on its inner side.

7. 50 Reasons why I love you

Price : 750/- INR

A handcrafted wooden box that comprises of 50 heart warming reasons why you love him/her. Each reason is hand scrolled into pretty old-fashioned chits.

8. Love Postcards

Price : 550/- INR

Love Postcards (designed around real postcards) is a bunch of 7 cards and encompassing envelopes each carrying its own simple yet loveable love message. Perfect for slipping in cute love messages at different times on Valentines day.

9. Love Birds Bookmark

Price : 300/- INR

Metallic vintage bookmark for all you love birds out there.

10. A Book of Love Coupons

Price : 550/- INR

A bunch of 10 exciting love coupons for your partner to redeem from you. The coupons come in a cascading envelope strip that folds into a cute postcard sized book.

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Whether we agree or not at our core we all want to be the best gift giver ever. The joy we experience when our partners love the gifts we shower them with is priceless. So that puts us always on the lookout for the BEST thing out there.

Sharing with all of you 5 unique gift hampers that are perfect for your guy or girl.

Oh! And just to keep things more fun I will be referring to “the love of your life”, “your one and only” or “your better half” as UNICORN going forward in this article.

Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.

1 ) Will You Be My Valentine?

This gift hamper is perfect for all you lovers out there who want to propose to their UNICORNS for the first time this valentine. The hamper comes with a love themed 50 Reasons Why I Love You Box that encompasses heart touching 50 unique reasons why your UNICORN is so special. And of course no proposal is complete without a ring. The “Will you be my Valentine?” gift box has that covered for you. The box comes with a silver engraved love band. The ring looks like a sleek silver ring on the onside with the French words “J’adore” meaning “I Love” engraved on the inner side. The idea behind this is to ensure even people who are private about their relationship can wear the ring without any worry.

I wanted to add a fun element to the hamper, you know some exciting secretive way to say THE WORDS! yes to say “I Love You”. Thats where the Love Scratch Card comes into picture. We all love our Scratch Cards. I don’t think theres a single person on the planet who doesn’t love them. The excitement we get while scratching off a coupon, the anticipation of winning something is priceless. What better way than for your UNICORN to scratch a love card to reveal your proposal. (dreaming). Top this off with a personalised Chocolate and a handwritten note on our Love Notecard. Voila! There you have it. The Perfect Proposal Hamper you need to get the MUCH needed YES! from your UNICORN.

Will You Be My Valentine ? Gift Box

2 ) 7 Days of Valentine

The 7 Days of Valentine Hamper is a unique hamper that encompasses one special gift for each day of the Valentines week. Its the latest trend to celebrate not just the Valentines day but the entire Valentines week. And rightly so. Each day of the Valentines week has a special meaning. The first day of the week is Rose Day celebrated on 7th Feb followed by Propose day celebrated by 8th Feb, then Chocolate day on the 9th, Teddy Day on the 10th, Promise Day on the 11th, Hug Day on the 12th, Kiss day on the 13th and finally Valentines day on the 14th. This hamper has one unique gift dedicated to each of these days and in complete relevance. For example for Kiss Day the hamper component is a fun “Ring to Kiss” Bell for your UNICORN to ring whenever they warrant a KISS from you. 😀 (drool) The hamper also comes with a love postcard for each day as well. You guys can see all the inclusion details by clicking here.

This hamper is suitable for men and women of all ages. Suitable for people who are in a new relationship or a seasoned one or for those who wish to start a new one (wink).

7 Days of Valentine

3 ) Be Mine Forever

“Be Mine Forever” The name in itself is Poetry to me. This is a gift hamper designed specifically for your SOUL MATES. Soul Mate is such a meaningful word that we don’t give it away to just anybody. It has to be that uber special UNICORN. I believe we cant go looking for a Soul Mate. We wont find them coz they are so rare, so precious. We have to encounter them through destiny. And once we find them we need to hold them tight in our hearts and never let them go. I believe some soul mates are born but most others grow into soul mates over their years of togetherness. I’m more in awe of this bond. Coz its real, its nurtured, its healthy and always dependable. And when i got thinking what the perfect gift for such a rare gem in our lives will be I really had to think hard. Thats when the “Be Mine Forever” gift hamper was born. Each inclusion is so heart warming it will leave your Soul Mates Speechless. Check it out here.

Be Mine Forever Gift Hamper

4 ) The Ultimate Valentines Combo

This is the Grand Prix of all the Valentines Hampers and is specially made for all of you who want to immensely SPOIL their UNICORNS. A Grand gift hamper for all of you who believe in grand gestures. Priced at a jaw dropping 3500/- INR this is a super affordable gift for those looking for luxury and opulence. The handcrafted Gold Foiled Album Explosion box that comes in this hamper just sets it off at a different league. The hamper has something handmade, something artistic, something cheesy, something sweet, something personalised and useful, some poetry and lots of memories. Trust me you can never go wrong with this hamper. The special part about this hamper is that you have the choice of choosing the personalised travel essential from among a passport cover, mens wallet or travel pouch. All these essentials are 100% handcrafted using high quality vegan leatherette that will be good for the next 20 years. GUARANTEED. No matter what the personality or taste of your UNICORN this hamper is sure to win their hearts. The hamper is completely gender neutral and suitable for UNICORNS of all ages.

The Ultimate Valentines Combo

5 ) His & Her Combo

My Final pick for this Valentines is a gift hamper that ranks high on utility and high on uniqueness. Offering The Ultimate Man Combo for the Gentlemen and the For Her Combo for the lovely Women. The Ultimate Man Combo includes one personalised passport cover, one personalised mens wallet, one personalised travel diary and one personalised keyring. The combo is available in 8 Manly shades namely black, navy blue, tan brown, coffee brown, beige and rugged green. The For Her Combo includes one personalised Tavel Wallet, a personalised luggage tag and a personalised multipurpose pouch. 

These hampers are 100% handcrafted and personalised with the name of your UNICORN. You can add some fun charms to amp up the glam quotient as well. Over 70 charms to choose from. So theres surely a charm for every personality. There are over 20 vibrant shades available to choose from for each travel essential. So you can truly customise it and make it yours.

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