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Best Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

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Though you have spent a copious amount of time with your partner, sometimes, you may seem at a loss; when? Probably finding an anniversary gift for him. The occasion comes once a year, so it is inevitable to get stuck in a rut.
Moreover, finding a great present is easy, but the feelings associated with it come with high stakes.

Here at The Kitsch Box, we have handcrafted each gift keeping in mind the sentiments behind the gift for your man. We have rounded up a whole bunch of presents that are sure to ruffle the feathers of the romance in your man and will hit the right roads to make the journey of your love more enjoyable.

1. Wooden Love Album

This gift is the best way to celebrate your courtship. Either you are a newy dewy couple or your relationship has spanned a decade, gather your photos that mark the significant moments of your lives.
The idea behind gifting this wooden love album is to cement your relationship by constantly building on memories while remembering the foundation.

2. Fifty reasons why I love you box

I am sure there are infinite reasons why you love your partner, but to express your love; you are awaiting the right opportunity. Here it is with our artisanal gift of” 50 reasons why I love you” box.

As your partner entwines each scroll, he may fall in love with you all over that sums up to around 50 times. I can already see you blushing there! So, what are you waiting for? Order the “50 reasons why I love you” box and spread the season of love through each scroll.

3. The Ultimate Man Combo

If your man is a stickler for being lazy and highly unorganised. A perfect gift awaits here for your husband. The ultimate combo of a diary, a passport cover, wallet and a keyring from The Kitsch Box will unwind his indolence.

He will appreciate the rugged aesthetic and functionality of the gift. This sleek combo is handmade made from exquisite leather oozing out the sophistication from its very being.

4. Soulmates snail mail card

Let’s put an end to the usual gifting session and pour your love into customisation. A handmade card shows your effort and time behind scouring a perfect gift. The Kitsch Box brings you a soulmate snail mail card with its quirkiness and colourful pattern that will surely win the heart of your soulmate. Bring up some photos and tada; you are done with a perfect token of sentimental treasures.

5. H-app-y surprise

If your husband is tech-savvy and jumps at every innovation, I’m sure you can surprise him by giving him The Kitsch Special gift called a “happy surprise”.

The happy surprise is an app that will be customised as per your needs. You can easily download the app into your husband’s phone. The app has three levels to unlock the surprise waiting at the other end. It sounds like he has to cross a thousand oceans of death to be with you. Interesting, isn’t it? I know you want to give The Kitsch Box a virtual hug but first, order the app because it takes 48 hours to deliver to your mailbox.

Your search for an absolute customised gift for your anniversary ends here because I am sure the above-mentioned anniversary gifts will let your husband fall head over heels for you.

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