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Birthday gifts for your soulmate

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When you share a piece of your soul with your partner, it is always eternal. Likewise, when you plan to gift something to your soulmate, it should reflect the essence of eternalism. What is a better day than a birthday to shower them with lots of love and gifts?

We at The Kitsch Box have curated gifts that could be your saving grace when you are on the hunt for the gift that has the same rhythm as your heartbeats.

1) The Joy of Gifting with Jadore Rings

Gifting a piece of jewellery comes with a bag of emotions, pride and excitement. Such exquisite gifts are always presented to the most valuable and special person in your life. Gifting a ring also symbolises monumental occasions like engagement, weddings and proposals, cementing the foothold of your relationship. Moreover, gifting a ring communicates your love without an overbearing. The couple ring from The Kitsch Box has Jadore entrenched on the metal’s inner side, which translates to” I love” in french. Just the fact that this is not the everyday kind of gift makes it unique and timeless.

2) Cuddle with Cushions

When your partner had a long and tiring day at his work, and now he wants to be cuddled in your arms, but your absence makes them more depressed, worry not. Gift them a soft cushion that can substitute your presence. I know many personalised cushions are available out there; why should you waste your time at the Kitsch Box? Hold on because we at Kitsch always have something special for you, so this is a glow in the dark cushion which also underlies the statement that when darkness engulfs your partner’s life, you will always be there to brighten up their life and mood.

3) Will you Be Mine forever?

You don’t need to always reciprocate your feelings via text message or over phone calls to your soulmate. Sometimes gifts speak a thousand words, and a handmade hamper with curated gifts shouts your unvoiced emotions. I am sure ‘Be Mine Forever’ is a perfect birthday gift for your soulmate, and they will boggle at the assorted goodies and would ask, “Will you be Mine Forever?”.

4) Ink their thoughts

Is your partner a poet, or does now and then they write something special for you? Now is the time to present them a personalised diary which will have everything written about you by them. All their thoughts, dreams and your life together will be woven into the fabric of this monotone diary which you can read later on in your life, so another one that ticks the box of eternalism.

5) Knock Knock, who’s there? Postcards here

Love letters in the internet era are something unheard of, but when you sit down to write something for your soulmate, you are slumped. Love postcards from The Kitsch Box will save your day. These love postcards have tiny notes for your partner which will enhance your gifting sense, and your thoughts are also expressed without you moving a pen.

A perfect partner is a myth; you need to accept your partner’s flaws to make your relationship work. Similarly, the idea of an ideal gift doesn’t exist, but your thoughts and sentiments behind every gift will make it unique and valuable. We at Kitsch Box always attempt to make every gift unique and simple without complicating your life and thoughts because sometimes simplicity works the best.

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