Sustainability Gift Box


The Kitsch Box is proud to present the first ever Sustainability Gift Box that includes useful and artistically handcrafted gifts that shout kitsch. Our speciality Eco Friendly box is the perfect gift to self, couples or even families. Its the ultimate gift to an environment lover or to those looking to embrace a sustainable zero waste lifestyle. This zero plastic gift box is made from organic biodegradable and recycled plant based materials.

This gift has been curated with utility, sustainability and uniqueness in mind to ensure that no other person on this planet receives the exact same gift box as your loved ones. YES! You heard us right. Each Coconut Bowl and Travel Notebook included in the box are unique or different in their design that we don’t have 2 pieces that look alike. Each Coconut Bowl is different. Each Travel Notebook is different. By different we mean different colour and different design. The additional product pictures will give you an idea about the possible style of the notebooks and unique designs of the coconut bowl. So be sure to be excited to see what design you receive. That will be our New Year Surprise to you. Rest assured we are sure you will love it.


  • Organic Bamboo Toothbrush (2 units)
  • Bamboo Straw (2 units)
  • Neem Comb
  • Travel Notebook
  • Coconut Bowl
  • New Years Note Card

About the inclusions:

The coconut bowl is handcrafted from real coconuts that are procured from going through hundreds of kilos of coconut scrap and then artistically hand painted, designed and polished to provide the final product.The bowl has a 12-15cm diameter and can be used for decor purposes, as jewellery dish, visiting card/key holders, to serve chocolates the options are endless.

The Travel Notebook is handmade from 100% recycled paper. The cover is literally made from waste/scrap cloth to ensure maximum reuse. And that is the reason why each notebook offered will be different as the available fabric is different. The notebook is hand stitched.

The Bamboo toothbrush and straws are made from Organic Bamboo grown in India.

The Neem Comb is handcrafted by a Fair Trade Social Enterprise which provides jobs to the underprivileged located in the rural region of Dindigul District in Tamil Nadu, India.

A handwritten New Years Note Card to add that extra personal touch for your loved ones.

There ain’t no gift better than the gift of sustainability. This holds for Mother Earth as well.

FREE SHIPPING within India.


  • If you would like your sustainability gift box to be shipped earlier than the 26th of December, please email us at
  • Since all our gifts are handmade, there will be minute variations in the product from the original image prescribed due to the design or manual limitations. But trust in us, we will make sure the gift is more stunning and fabulous.
  • The colour of the product may vary slightly from the above description due to lighting during photography and screen display variations.
  • If you are shipping the gift directly to the recipient and do not want the invoice in the package kindly let us know at with your order ID.

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Coconut Shell, Neem wood, Organic Bamboo, Recycled paper


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