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15 Valentines Gifts Under 500/- INR

A compilation of heart touching and affordable gifts for this Valentines Season for all you Lovers on a super strict budget.

1. Message Crate

Price : 460/- INR

Great things come in small packages and this perfectly suits our product The Kitsch Message Crate. Serve your loved ones with your honest and heartfelt messages in magical looking bottles stacked neatly in a wooden crate. Prepared with so much love and attention, this box is one of our hotel’s (the kitsch box’s) special. Serve hot!

3. Love Bagcharm Keyring

Price : 450/- INR

Unique and Antique looking LOVE themed bagcharm that doubles as a keyring. Add that much needed wow factor to your everyday totes and slings. Initial Customisation available on request.

4. Message Bottle Bookmark

Price : 220/- INR

A vintage bookmark with the cutest message bottle and heart charm. The message bottle is made of glass and comes with a cork stopper. Add your love notes along with our golden bead confetti.

5. Personalised Travel Lover Keyring

Price : 499/- INR

The perfect gift for your valentine who just loves to travel and explore. Perfect for all adventure seekers out there. Can be personalised with name or couple initials.

6. Personalised Luggage Tag

Price : 450/- INR

A must have travel essential, our Personalised Luggage Tags are available in a vibrant colours that will compliment your travel fashion statement. The tags are handcrafted and personalised with care. Available in 10+ colours.

7.Romantic Getaway Charm Bracelet

Price : 350/- INR

This handmade bracelet attempts to visualise that perfect Romantic Getaway be it a proposal in a hot-air balloon or the ultimate Paris experience. The charms included being the Eiffel Tower, a hot-air balloon, a love postcard, lovelock and key.

8. Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle

Price : 450/- INR

What is the best thing in the world? There are so many little things that fill our heart with happiness. One such thing are photographs. Though we don’t always check out our photo albums which lay in the racks of our cupboard, the kitsch box brings you an opportunity to revive them. Change the way you look at your beautiful memories. The kitsch box presents picture jigsaw puzzle where in we convert your favourite picture into a fun puzzle. Gift your favourite person their favourite memory and imagine the fun, when you get together with them and solve the puzzle!

9. Love Infinity Keyring

Price : 300/- INR

This love themed keyring is almost always perfect for gifting. The charms included being a love infinity, an arrow, a cute gift box with a for you tag and a vibrant handmade silk tassel.

10. Photo Personalised Pendants

Price : 450/- INR

A truly unique piece of statement jewellery for your deserving Valentine. This handcrafted vintage photo personalised necklace is sure to steal hearts.

11. Name Personalised Keyring

Price : 350/- INR

The Kitsch Box brings you a wide variety of personalised key rings which are a unique combination of utility and design. A gift that is sure to struck a cord <3

12. Best Ever Personalised Greeting Card

Price : 200/- INR

A super cute personalised card that comes with its own craft paper envelope. Add a unique touch by mentioning your loved ones names and your relationship with them on the card unlike any other card you have seen.

13. Love Birds Bookmark

Price : 300/- INR

Handcrafted, Vintage & Affordable. This is the perfect gift this Valentines for your partner who loves to read.

14. J’adore Ring

Price : 400/- INR

Silver Unisex Love Bands with the French words “J’adore” meaning “I Love” engraved on the inner side. The ring is available as a couple ring set as well.

15. Metallic Name Bookmark

Price : 260/- INR

Call them nerd or geeks, book lovers or avid book readers just hate to step into the real world! If you have a book lover who is constantly found digging into pages of some romance or science fiction novel, then we have the perfect gift for them. These shiny metallic bookmarks are exactly what’s new in the bookmark industry 😛 Personalise them with your name or simply a favourite word.

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10 Valentines Gifts Under 1000 INR

Valentines is almost here and we just wanted to compile a list of 10 unique and super affordable V-Day gifts for all you Aashiquis’ out there.

1. The Couple Bagcharm/Keyring

Price : 499/- INR

A unique vintage looking keyring that doubles as a bag charm. Designed around the love theme specially for couples, this bag charm can be hand personalised with your name or initials.

2. Valentine Quiz Cards

Price : 650/- INR

A bunch of 6 quirky valentine quiz cards to add that extra fun factor to your Valentines Celebration. How fun is it to scratch off the golden heart to reveal the answers to the quiz.

3. Personalised Mens Wallet

Price : 850/- INR

100% handcrafted wallets made from vegan leatherette. Available in 7 exciting colours these wallets are surely the eye catcher. Special USP is that you can personalise it with a name and charm of choice.

4. Love Pie Greeting

Price : 155/- INR

A fun, quirky, new age greeting card designed to swoon.

5. Soul Mates Snail Mail

Price : 750/- INR

A gorgeous handmade snail mail card personalised with photographs of your loved one. Watch your soul mate melt while flipping through this card.

6. J’adore Couple Ring

Price : 400/- INR

A classic silver metallic love band with the French words “J’adore” engraved on its inner side.

7. 50 Reasons why I love you

Price : 750/- INR

A handcrafted wooden box that comprises of 50 heart warming reasons why you love him/her. Each reason is hand scrolled into pretty old-fashioned chits.

8. Love Postcards

Price : 550/- INR

Love Postcards (designed around real postcards) is a bunch of 7 cards and encompassing envelopes each carrying its own simple yet loveable love message. Perfect for slipping in cute love messages at different times on Valentines day.

9. Love Birds Bookmark

Price : 300/- INR

Metallic vintage bookmark for all you love birds out there.

10. A Book of Love Coupons

Price : 550/- INR

A bunch of 10 exciting love coupons for your partner to redeem from you. The coupons come in a cascading envelope strip that folds into a cute postcard sized book.

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Whether we agree or not at our core we all want to be the best gift giver ever. The joy we experience when our partners love the gifts we shower them with is priceless. So that puts us always on the lookout for the BEST thing out there.

Sharing with all of you 5 unique gift hampers that are perfect for your guy or girl.

Oh! And just to keep things more fun I will be referring to “the love of your life”, “your one and only” or “your better half” as UNICORN going forward in this article.

Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.

1 ) Will You Be My Valentine?

This gift hamper is perfect for all you lovers out there who want to propose to their UNICORNS for the first time this valentine. The hamper comes with a love themed 50 Reasons Why I Love You Box that encompasses heart touching 50 unique reasons why your UNICORN is so special. And of course no proposal is complete without a ring. The “Will you be my Valentine?” gift box has that covered for you. The box comes with a silver engraved love band. The ring looks like a sleek silver ring on the onside with the French words “J’adore” meaning “I Love” engraved on the inner side. The idea behind this is to ensure even people who are private about their relationship can wear the ring without any worry.

I wanted to add a fun element to the hamper, you know some exciting secretive way to say THE WORDS! yes to say “I Love You”. Thats where the Love Scratch Card comes into picture. We all love our Scratch Cards. I don’t think theres a single person on the planet who doesn’t love them. The excitement we get while scratching off a coupon, the anticipation of winning something is priceless. What better way than for your UNICORN to scratch a love card to reveal your proposal. (dreaming). Top this off with a personalised Chocolate and a handwritten note on our Love Notecard. Voila! There you have it. The Perfect Proposal Hamper you need to get the MUCH needed YES! from your UNICORN.

Will You Be My Valentine ? Gift Box

2 ) 7 Days of Valentine

The 7 Days of Valentine Hamper is a unique hamper that encompasses one special gift for each day of the Valentines week. Its the latest trend to celebrate not just the Valentines day but the entire Valentines week. And rightly so. Each day of the Valentines week has a special meaning. The first day of the week is Rose Day celebrated on 7th Feb followed by Propose day celebrated by 8th Feb, then Chocolate day on the 9th, Teddy Day on the 10th, Promise Day on the 11th, Hug Day on the 12th, Kiss day on the 13th and finally Valentines day on the 14th. This hamper has one unique gift dedicated to each of these days and in complete relevance. For example for Kiss Day the hamper component is a fun “Ring to Kiss” Bell for your UNICORN to ring whenever they warrant a KISS from you. 😀 (drool) The hamper also comes with a love postcard for each day as well. You guys can see all the inclusion details by clicking here.

This hamper is suitable for men and women of all ages. Suitable for people who are in a new relationship or a seasoned one or for those who wish to start a new one (wink).

7 Days of Valentine

3 ) Be Mine Forever

“Be Mine Forever” The name in itself is Poetry to me. This is a gift hamper designed specifically for your SOUL MATES. Soul Mate is such a meaningful word that we don’t give it away to just anybody. It has to be that uber special UNICORN. I believe we cant go looking for a Soul Mate. We wont find them coz they are so rare, so precious. We have to encounter them through destiny. And once we find them we need to hold them tight in our hearts and never let them go. I believe some soul mates are born but most others grow into soul mates over their years of togetherness. I’m more in awe of this bond. Coz its real, its nurtured, its healthy and always dependable. And when i got thinking what the perfect gift for such a rare gem in our lives will be I really had to think hard. Thats when the “Be Mine Forever” gift hamper was born. Each inclusion is so heart warming it will leave your Soul Mates Speechless. Check it out here.

Be Mine Forever Gift Hamper

4 ) The Ultimate Valentines Combo

This is the Grand Prix of all the Valentines Hampers and is specially made for all of you who want to immensely SPOIL their UNICORNS. A Grand gift hamper for all of you who believe in grand gestures. Priced at a jaw dropping 3500/- INR this is a super affordable gift for those looking for luxury and opulence. The handcrafted Gold Foiled Album Explosion box that comes in this hamper just sets it off at a different league. The hamper has something handmade, something artistic, something cheesy, something sweet, something personalised and useful, some poetry and lots of memories. Trust me you can never go wrong with this hamper. The special part about this hamper is that you have the choice of choosing the personalised travel essential from among a passport cover, mens wallet or travel pouch. All these essentials are 100% handcrafted using high quality vegan leatherette that will be good for the next 20 years. GUARANTEED. No matter what the personality or taste of your UNICORN this hamper is sure to win their hearts. The hamper is completely gender neutral and suitable for UNICORNS of all ages.

The Ultimate Valentines Combo

5 ) His & Her Combo

My Final pick for this Valentines is a gift hamper that ranks high on utility and high on uniqueness. Offering The Ultimate Man Combo for the Gentlemen and the For Her Combo for the lovely Women. The Ultimate Man Combo includes one personalised passport cover, one personalised mens wallet, one personalised travel diary and one personalised keyring. The combo is available in 8 Manly shades namely black, navy blue, tan brown, coffee brown, beige and rugged green. The For Her Combo includes one personalised Tavel Wallet, a personalised luggage tag and a personalised multipurpose pouch. 

These hampers are 100% handcrafted and personalised with the name of your UNICORN. You can add some fun charms to amp up the glam quotient as well. Over 70 charms to choose from. So theres surely a charm for every personality. There are over 20 vibrant shades available to choose from for each travel essential. So you can truly customise it and make it yours.

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